Espresso Shot

PACKING THE SHOT Espresso Machine

The shot or dose is the amount of ground coffee deposited into the portafilter when the dosing lever is pulled on your grinder. The major key to the dose is the volume occupied by the packed coffee. Best results are achieved when the final tamped coffee is just touching the surface of the shower screen when the group handle is locked in position.

Espresso coffee must be packed into the portafilter firmly with a polish. Otherwise the pressurised water will break the coffee apart during the brewing process, affecting the outcome. The tamper should fit correctly into the filter basket with no less than 1mm inside the rim. In addition the bottom of the tamper should be the same size as the filter basket, in most cases flat.

1. Start with fresh ground coffee.

2. Fill filter basket with correct amount for the portafilter.

3. Tap the group handle on the bench to settle the ground coffee in to the basket

4. Level the ground coffee to the edges of the basket with your fingers or blade.

5. Place the port-filter on the bench keeping it stable and level.

6. Place the packing head of the hand tamp against the surface of the ground coffee and push down.

7. Make sure tamp is level your aim is to get it as level as possible.

Tap the sides of the portafilter if you like to dislodge any loose coffee grounds for the final tamp

9. With the portafilter placed on the bench, tamp downwards with firm consistent pressure and polish with a twisting motion     finish.

10. Wipe any excess ground coffee away from the rim of the basket and lugs.  

11. The finished result should be a level and firm polished appearance.


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