Grey Beards Coffee

Grey Beards Coffee will soon be available in Newcastle NSW.
Formally known as Con Calcio our signature house blend has shared terrific success from its beginings in Surfers Paradise.
Grey Beards blend, and with all our coffee is hand roasted to order. We guarantee that our coffee is 100%  A Grade Arabica coffee. This blend contains at least 60% rain forest alliance Brazil coffee. Your coffee will reach you at its peak freshness and flavour condition each and every time or we will offer you a money back guarantee or replacement. 

We have relocated to Newcastle to widened our opportunity to service a brand new Australian region.
We will offer the first ever roasted on-demand© and hand delivered for free, to selected Newcastle regions.

Shipping of our coffee is free Australia wide. Also we offer free shipping for all purchases over $80 for our comprehensive barista accessory range and espresso equipment. 

Roasted on demand© small batch coffee experience. We supply Cafes, Restaurants and Offices, Corporate and Home consumers.

Grey Beards Coffee 100% A Grade Arabica Coffee "Whole Beans"


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Our most popular blend by far!! A combination of medium to dark precision roasted and hand crafted South American high certified beans. Selected regions include the award winning Ipanema Brazil Rain Forrest Alliance, Colombia, Costa Rico and Ethiopia. This special blend will provide a fantastic balance of aroma, flavour and taste. Our Grey Beards blendvis terrific for all espresso milk based beverages. Preparation methods ideal for all types (espresso, plunger, stove top, dripolator etc) of coffee equipment. Try this coffee as a doppio ristretto...outstanding. Enjoy this clean smooth coffee, packed with flavour, body and aroma with no lingering bitter aftertaste. 

Red Beards Blend 100% A Grade Arabica Coffee "Whole Beans"


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Expect smooth balanced flavours with sweet and medium bodied, meloow acidity a strong caramel sweetness with nutty undertones. Finishing palate medium to slighty deep and satifying mouth feel and finish. Medium to slightly dark roasted blend has a very distinct balance of rich but supple flavours. Blended together and meticulously hand roasted is a combination of Colombian, Costa Rico and Ethiopia Sidamo. 100% A Grade Arabica coffee. 
To appreciate this special blend's full potential we recommend to consume with any milk based beverage or for the slightly seansoned drinker a Long Black (doppio espresso) Short/ Long Macchiato, Doppio Ristretto or Ristretto...and not to forget the very popular "Picollo". 

Fatastic for all your favourite milk based beverages too!!...a must have!!


Green Bean Coffee Home Roasting "Free Shipping"


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