The Coffee Podcast

How good is coffee? but how good is a fantastic coffee?
This brand new podcast will reveal all the secrets to prepare that perfect cup of coffee, which ever brewing method you desire. Barista accessory reviews, cafe reviews, barista interviews and coffee gossip. Technological and innovation segments including guest coffee guru's, or just catchup with plenty of successful business owner and operators including of course the home baristas. Get their amazing coffee stories, tricks tips and alternative coffee setups. Anything goes really as long as it taste great.
There will be plenty of music played and shared to you all. The vast majority local and original artists and material. The reason is so that you guys can get through a full podcast...I was told once that I talk a lot. You be the judge.
I forgot to mention for the tea and non caffein beverages, hot chocolates or chai lattes drinkers, we will discuss all those topics as well.
Did you ever want to know how to roast the perfect bean? We will have a segment on roasting, green coffee beans and even cupping advice which is all free and provided by commercial roasters and professionals.
Did I mention its absolutely free to subscribed listeners. It doesn't matter if don't do iTunes we have plenty other platforms for you all to get connected. Our RSS feed will take care of most of it.
If you like you can leave us a comment or like us...that would be appreciated.
We look forward to connecting with you some way and at some time...
Dose up with us.
Cheers Steve

Available free from iTunes, Podomatic, Buzzsprout